About Grace Animal Rehab Center (GARC)

GARC is an animal rehabilitation center in Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Did you know? In 2020, Oklahoma animal shelters took in 89,353 dogs and cats. Of those, 11,560 animals were euthanized. In fact, Oklahoma came in eighth in state-by-state rankings of unnecessary pet shelter deaths! (The Oklahoma City Sentinel, Aug 17, 2021)


Animal Rehabilitation Center in Oklahoma

Grace Animal Rehab Center’s (GARC) sole purpose is to reduce the number of animals euthanized. We rescue homeless cats and dogs and place them in loving homes. Furthermore, we’re an animal rehabilitation center in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Our Mission

Our mission is to rescue homeless cats and dogs. We give them a second chance at life, while advocating for animal rights.


Our Programs

Through our programs, we reduce the number of homeless pets in our area. In addition, the animals bring joy and love to those who adopt from us! Our programs include pet adoption, spay/neuter assistance, public education, and pet behavior training. In fact, we support you along your pet adoption journey when you adopt through us. Learn more about our programs.


Who We Serve

We serve the people and pets in the Sapulpa area of Oklahoma.  However, every case is different. Priority is given to the residents of Creek County, outside the city limits.


Our Founder

GARC was founded in 2017 by Cindy Yee Kong.  Cindy is dedicated to rescuing homeless animals.  Although she struggled in childhood due to abuse and a disability, Cindy always loved animals. Read more about her story here.


Become Involved in Animal Rehabilitation

GARC is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization. Therefore, we rely on individual and corporate contributions. There are several ways for you to give. In addition, your support rescues homeless cats and dogs. Give today and support our mission. Learn more about ways to give.


Above all, we are serious about our mission. So are our volunteers! Volunteers support our mission and care for the animals. In fact, every volunteer makes a difference in the lives of these animals. Volunteer today as a animal rehab volunteer, educator, or trainer. Learn more about volunteering.


GARC is governed by a volunteer board of directors. As such, we adhere to standard accounting practices and work hard to carefully manage our resources. This allows us to care for as many animals as possible. Moreover, we are always looking for people like you to serve on our board. Serve on our board and help homeless animals. Learn more about our Board of Directors.

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