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Pets adoption
Pets adoption

Adopt a loving pet to bring joy and happiness into your home

GARC saves abandoned dogs and cats, relocating them into new loving homes.

We Need Your Help!

Are you emotionally touched when a small puppy looks into your eyes? Don't you love to come home from a long day out and be welcomed by an excited loving dog? Wouldn't you love to cuddle with a cute cat in your hands?

If your answered YES to any of the above, then you can help us!

pets adoption
Adopt a Pet
pets adoption

Grace Animal Rehab Center (GARC) helps families adopt pets. By adopting pets you're not only saving lives but you also bring joy and happiness into your home.

Make a Donation

Open your heart and make a donation to help GARC's pets rehab activities. All donations are used for saving and finding homes for pets.

Visit Our Shop
pets shop

GARC online pets shop offers a wide selection of products that help keep pets physically fit, alert, happy and healthy. Browse our store.

There are lots of homeless pets in our region looking for shelter and especially love. They are all in constant danger: they are hungry and they are helpless. Together with our devoted volunteers and generous donors we are making huge efforts to save them and bring them to safety in loving homes. Whether you adopt or foster a pet... Take action and join us today!

Your care and assistance can make a big difference!

We Are Expecting Your Call!

GARC is non-profit organization striving to save abandoned pets and relocate them in loving homes. The more help we get, the more pets we'll save!

Dogs and cats bring light, joy and happiness in people's homes. They help seniors overcome solitariness and difficult times and they have great impact on children's lives.

Contact us now to adopt a pet, make a donation or volunteer to our sacred mission!