Adopt a cat or dog and bring joy and happiness into your home today!

Grace Animal Rehab Center (GARC) rescues abandoned dogs and cats, relocating them into the homes of loving people like you. You can adopt a cat or dog today.

Cindy Yee Kong, author of The Eyes of the Lion, grew up in an abusive, alcoholic family while dealing with a genetic debilitating disease, she experienced first-hand what it is like to be abused and neglected. That is why she felt the strong urgency to do something about these abused, homeless animals that had been ignored and pushed aside.


She found Grace Animal Rehabilitation Center Inc. under the pressing need of rescuing and re-homing overpopulated stray cats in her community. Her love for domesticated animals began when she was comforted by a rescue kitten in her trying time.

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Are you emotionally touched when a small puppy looks into your eyes? Do you love being welcomed at home by an excited, loving dog? Do you love to cuddle with a cute cat in your hands?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then you can help save a dog or cat!

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Grace Animal Rehab Center (GARC) helps families and people like you adopt a cat or dog. Once you adopt a dog or cat through GARC, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive pet training. We’ll support you along your pet adoption journey!


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Open your heart and make a donation to help GARC’s pets rehab activities. All donations are used for rescuing animals and adopting dogs and cats to loving homes.



Show your support for GARC by shopping online! All proceeds help fund our mission to give homeless pets a second chance at life!


We Are Expecting Your Call!

Grace Animal Rehab Center (GARC) is a non-profit organization striving to save abandoned pets and relocate them in loving homes. The more help we get, the more pets we'll save!

Contact us now to adopt a pet, make a donation, or volunteer for our sacred mission!

GARC is a 501(c)(3) EIN 82-2458374

There are many homeless pets in our region looking for shelter and, just as importantly, love. These dogs and cats are in constant danger: they are hungry and helpless. Together, with our devoted volunteers and generous donors, these dogs and cats are rescued and safely placed in loving homes. Whether you adopt, volunteer or donate, take action and help a dog or cat today!

Your care and assistance makes a big difference!

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