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Make a big difference to the lives of abandoned and homeless dogs and cats that are looking for a second chance.

Be A Hero To Cats And Dogs! Help Us Save Lives!


GARC’s abandoned cats and dogs are waiting in our shelter for a warm and loving home. Behind each one of them there is a sad story of abandonment. They all need a bit of love, a caressing hand and even a loving look. Although we do our best day after day, we need your help.

All our activities are funded entirely by public donations. These donations are vital if we want to make a difference to our beloved pets. Your donation today – whatever sum you choose to donate, will shorten their suffering and increase their opportunities to find new warm and loving homes.

How Your Gift Make a Difference!

Donating $50 feeds hungry dogs and cats.

Donating $100 covers spaying services for a cat.

Donating Monthly sustains our mission.

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Please help the senior and special needs animals in our Sanctuary!  These cats are impossible to adopt out due to illness, behavioral problems and/or advanced age.  Many of these animals were abused, neglected or abandoned and had no where else to go. This COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard.  We typically fundraise at Petco store, yet we’ve not been able to hold those events since early March.  We also lost our food donation.  We give our hearts, souls and lives to the animals in our care, but we cannot do it without your donations!  PLEASE SHARE!

We currently have  2 special needs cats with autoimmune condition,  and one senior cat has advanced stage of periodontal disease,  needing teeth extractions. We also have 2 young cats and two puppies. The puppies need veterinary services.  All these animals have a permanent place with our rescue and receive the very best veterinary and day-to-day care as  possible.  We provide a home environment for them and they are surrounded by loving caretakers 24/7.


While we also find loving homes for healthy animals, the special needs animals are near and dear to our hearts.  We are asking for your help with these animals.  Every donation means that we can buy quality food and provide all the medications and vet care these animals need and deserve to survive and be well..  

All of the donations will directly benefit the animals in our care.  We have an all-volunteer staff and nonprofit 501 (c) (3) status . Please, please, help us get through this difficult time.  Now more than ever, it really does take a village to save the special ones.  THANK YOU!

Please donate what you can, whenever you can – money, your time or both if possible. We need as much help as we can get to give lost or abandoned pets a temporary home until responsible and loving families or people can be found. The work we are doing on a daily basis has saved the lives of countless pets. We will continue to do so, hopefully with your help.

Cats and dogs don’t ask us for a lot. Yet they give us everything they have in the form of unconditional love. The least you can do for them is help us out. Thank you for your time and attention.