How I Found My Lost Cat

As a cat lover and cat owner, I enjoy their companionship and care for their overall welfare. I panicked when one of my cats get lost. Here is what I did to get my cat back quickly!


Closer Than You Think.

One winter during a cold Christmas Season, I was opening the front door to feed my outdoor cat, Shera, but, somehow, the spring door didn’t shut fast enough to keep my curious polydacteryl cat named Mitten from stepping outside.

Mitten was standing in front of me, looking into my eyes. I reacted frantically with my voice.

“Mitten Go Inside.”

Mitten freaked out and ran to the open space toward my neighbor shed. I sped up after him and called out his name. I ran to where I thought he was, but I couldn’t see him nor find him.

I was shivering, looking for Mitten and imagining how he would feel, being a short hair indoor cat.

Finally, when my husband got home, he was able to take another look, and there Mitten was under the shed, shivering.

Mitten was so scared that he won’t come out. He ran further away as we tried to reach out our hands for him to come to us.

I was so desperate that I sought out resources to help to get my cat back home.

Need to Get a Trap.

If your cat won’t come to you, it is time to get a trap. That was exactly what I had to do. The next day I went to Southern Agriculture to rent a trap. We had to wait until the weather got a little bit warmer so we would know his exact hiding spot and set the trap.

Two days, after the weather got warmer, my husband went stealthily to see where Mitten was. Mitten was lying near our neighbor’s central heating system, enjoying the sunlight.

Mitten ran off as soon as he heard my husband approaching. My husband placed a bowl of food inside the trap and set it nearby so we could watch it from our window.

We wait patiently for Mitten to go inside the trap. Toward the end of the day,”WHAM” We got him. My husband brought the trap inside and released Mitten.

Mitten was so frighten that he didn’t know what was happening. It took hours for Mitten to figure out that he was home, and it took almost a year for Mitten to get back to normal.

I am so happy that Mitten is back!

Here’re what to take away:

  • Act immediately when you lost your cats
  • Alert your neighbors and local shelters
  • • Your cats are within 5 house radius, so it is up to you to get it back home
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