Do you speak cat?

Most cats, even feral cats, have contact with humans, whether that’s positive or negative. When a cat lives in the wild and is not taken care of, fighting hunger pain, perhaps abused by humans or ignored by them even when they asked for help, they tend to be wary of human contact. And when they don’t know someone, or they are scared, they tend to hiss.

Hissing is a normal response for a cat that is scared. It is the cat’s way of communicating to you that it doesn’t know you and to back off.

I once rescued a cat whose whiskers had been cut off. He was scared and unfriendly for 3-4 months until I was able to break through his protective his shell. Then, he became the friendliest cat of all.

But think about it. Would you blame him for being stand-offish after he was abused by a human? A cat’s whiskers help a cat to balance and navigate in tight spaces. That ability was taken away from him by a cruel and thoughtless individual.

Most cats have been abandoned by the people they loved and trusted. When this happens, they are forced into a world of scary noises, potentially dangerous situations, and unhealthy environments.

When they can’t protect themselves, they become fearful of everything around them. In the end, if they are to survive, they are forced to fend for themselves as a feral cat – one that distrusts anything unfamiliar. And yet, inside, they are still that loving animal who someone once brought into their home. With some attention and care, they could be that loving cat again.

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