Friends of Fur Virtual 5K!

Make a big difference to the lives of abandoned, abused dogs and cats that are looking for a second chance.

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This is a virtual event.  We are asking for your support.


Everyone will get a finisher medal and the logo on site is the logo that will be on the shirt!


Join us in Our 5K Run to give homeless dogs and cats a voice and raise the needed fund to purchase a vehicle that is transforming lives. You could run anytime between Oct 13 – Nov 14 and submit your score. After the event closed, we will have virtual meet and greet and ceremony announcing the winners. The date is on the week of Nov 15.


Essential to our Rescue Mission!


What if your child or other family member in your care was sick and urgently needed to see a doctor… and you didn’t have a car?


You would do everything you could to arrange transportation to get that member of your family to the doctor or hospital as soon as possible, wouldn’t you?


We have many “family” members in our care here at Grace Animal Rehabilitation Center. And sometimes they need urgent medical attention. Take Eleanor, a kitty, for instance.


Eleanor came from tragic past. Homeless and hungry with no one to love and care for her. Living on the streets made her fearful—she wouldn’t trust anyone.


After several months we gained her trust through careful and kind interactions and lots of food. We were finally able to coax her inside a carrier and get her to our rescue.


But then Eleanor developed a persistent fever and stopped eating. We transported her to our affiliated veterinary clinic. They immediately placed her in ICU and hooked her up to an IV to stabilize her.


Without transportation, we would not have been able to get Eleanor the lifesaving care she needed. 


We’re happy to report that Eleanor made a full recovery and was adopted by her new mama, Shelly, into her forever home. She was renamed, Isabella. Shelly recently lost her furry companion.


Shelly said, “This is a match made in heaven. I couldn’t go another night without a furry companion. I was such a mess. Isabella changed my life around.”


We never know when the next animal will need an emergency trip to the vet. To provide this transportation, we need a minivan to safely get animals to and from the vet. 


This is where Grace Animal Rehabilitation Center needs your help. Our goal is to raise enough money to purchase a used minivan in the $6,000 – $7,000 range. 


Join us in our Virtual 5K Run to give homeless dogs and cats a voice and raise the needed funds to purchase a vehicle so we can continue our rescue mission.


Grace Animal Rehab Center is an nonprofit 501(c)(3) that rescues abandoned, abused dogs and cats to give them a second chance at life by finding them adoptive homes or live out their lives.


Together, we can give them a voice. You don’t have to be a celebrity to be a hero. You can be a hero in small ways that make a significant impact. Sign Up Now!

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