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Cindy Yee Kong, author of The Eyes of the Lion, grew up in an abusive, alcoholic family while dealing with a debilitating disease. She experienced first-hand what it is like to be abused and neglected, giving her the strong urgency to do something about the abused, homeless cats that had been ignored and pushed aside.


She founded Grace Animal Rehabilitation Center Inc. under the pressing need of rescuing and homing overpopulated stray cats in her community. Cindy’s love for domesticated animals began when she was comforted by a rescued kitten in her very trying times.


Listen to her live on podcast at Nadia Sahari Show on Feb 5, 2020 showing or on YouTube, as she shares her deep seeded pain growing up with an abusive family while dealing with her crippling disease, and how she triumphed through it all. A story you won’t want to miss.


Cindy and her team are passionate about giving these furry friends a second chance at life.


Would you considering adopting our available cats and dogs? When you adopt, you saved lives.  Here why: You will have


  1. Saved shelter dogs and cats from being euthanized,
  2. Helped to end competition of shelter dogs and puppy mills,
  3. Given shelter dogs and cats a better chance of finding loving homes.


Contact us to see how you can help through adoption, though volunteering, and through much needed donations that are tax exempt.

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