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Fostering GARC's Dogs and Cats

Even if it’s just for a short time, fostering it's extremely important for successfully re-homing dogs and cats.

fostering dogs and cats

Most of the pets we take in aren’t accustomed to life in a home, which is expected. They may have been rescued from a puppy or kitten mill, had previously lived as a stray, or were kept as an outdoors-only pet. They can't understand basic things like stairs, moving around furniture, or might be frightened by unfamiliar sounds like kitchen appliances. Everything around the house may be a challenge for them.

By taking them into homes and getting them used to families, pets can learn new things every day and get used to their new environment. By getting one-on-one attention and love from their foster family, they learn how to deal with unfamiliar sounds and they get a bit braver each day.

Fostering Can Save Lives!

Help the Grace Animal Rehab Center by fostering one of its pets! Fostering a pet means to take home a cat or dog for a limited time, with the goal of nurturing it until it can be dispatched to a permanent home with a family that is willing to adopt and love it forever.

Besides adoption, fostering a cat or dog is one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences you can have. By taking a homeless dog or cat into a warm home for a limited time you're not only freeing up a spot to shelter or rescue another pet, but you'll also enabling homeless dogs and cats to learn what it’s like to be a member of a family, which is a vital step on the way to finding their forever home.

foster dogs and cats
foster dogs and cats

Foster homes are needed for pets of all ages. From pregnant pets that need a quiet place to give birth, to puppies and kittens who need help with socialization and even senior dogs and cats who need to enjoy at least their last years.

If you decide to take in a dog or a cat and already have pets in your house, make sure that you provide a quiet space where your foster pet can have a bit of alone time if needed. It is important to make a slow and careful adjustment process, helping the foster pets get along with the home pets. We would be happy to provide you with helpful tips and instructions, making a more smooth and peaceful transition.

We Are Expecting Your Call!

GARC is non-profit organization striving to save abandoned pets and relocate them in loving homes. The more help we get, the more pets we'll save!

Dogs and cats bring light, joy and happiness in people's homes. They help seniors overcome solitariness and difficult times and they have great impact on children's lives.

Contact us now to foster a pet and help GARC save more homeless pets!


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