Spay/Neuter Assist Program

Grace Animal Rehabilitation Center Spay/Neuter Assist Program helps families spay/neuter their dogs and cats.


We offer limited vouchers monthly.


If your cats and dogs aren’t fixed and have litters, or for whatever reason, you cannot get them fixed, then we can help.


Whether you are low income or middle income or whatever income level you are in, for whatever reason, you can’t get your cats and dogs into surgeries for spay/neuter; please fill out the form below to get started.


Limited Spay/Neuter voucher given monthly.

We give higher priority to residents in Creek County.

Donate to Our Spay/Neuter Assist Program to end overpopulation and homelessness of cats and dogs.


Unsterilized animals tend to run away to find their mates, which leads to homelessness.


When animals are spay/neuter, they are tamer and healthier.

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