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Special Events at GARC

Special Event!

May 1- July 8 Online Raffle Fundraising
Win Gifts For Your Furry Friend - Help Homeless Pets
All proceeds will benefit Grace Animal Rehab Center in giving homeless pets a second chance at life.

Our goal in 2019 is to raise $100,000 to,
1. cover animal medical expenses,
2. secure a new building that will allow us to increase the number of animals we rescue,
3. and build a stronger advocacy group.

Cats and dogs Adoption Event every fifth Saturday at Tulsa Hills Southern Agriculture 7836 S Olympia Ave, Tulsa, OK 74132.

Don't miss this special opportunity to adopt a beautiful cute pet!

adoption event

We Are Expecting Your Call!

GARC is non-profit organization striving to save abandoned pets and relocate them in loving homes. The more help we get, the more pets we'll save!

Dogs and cats bring light, joy and happiness in people's homes. They help seniors overcome solitariness and difficult times and they have great impact on children's lives.

Contact us now to adopt a pet, make a donation or volunteer to our sacred mission!


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